Benefits of Professional Street Sweeping

Public Safety

Safety is the primary concern for the traveling public and was the force behind effecting municipal cleaning. Street gutters tend to be a resting place for a variety of debris. Removal of debris lessens the opportunity of skids and collisions, and also allows drivers to safely judge distance to curbs and roadway edges. Road workers are hazardous on roadsides.

Pedestrians, Runners and Cyclists

Construction or roadway debris not only create unsightly conditions, but it can also cause pedestrians, runners and cyclists to swerve into the roadway to avoid large items, mud or skid conditions. This action may catch drivers unaware and cause accidents and major industries.


A less apparent but critical benefit of street sweeping is the removal of metal particles and other hazardous waste products left by passing vehicles or discarded trash. Some particles bond to other larger debris that may release unhealthy emissions into the air.

Storm Water Runoff Management

Debris in roadway gutters and at construction sites quickly clogs storm drains and blocks runoff pathways. Keeping these clear allows water to drain faster and more completely. This prevents water building on roadways due to storm drain backups and also minimizes erosion from improperly flowing runoff water.

Wildlife & Pet Protection

Sadly, roadside trash often includes food or other items that attract wildlife and pets. Much of this is hazardous to their health and can cause major illness or even death. Animals attracted to curbside smells can be hit by cars and severely injured and even killed.