Routing Schedule: San Souci

IMPAC Waste Management is not contracted by the Government to collect the following items.

Green waste, Bulky Appliances, Hazardous Waste, Animal Carcass, Construction debris, large batteries, Tires, Pallets, Please contact our Customer Service Center for a complete list of acceptable and non-acceptable items. We can collect and process these items separately and properly once we are notified for a small fee you can call our office at the numbers above.

Impac Waste is contracted by the Government of the Bahamas/Department of Environmental Health Services to collect and dispose of household waste twice every 7 days.

Additional we offer collection of waste from apartments, fourplex and greater at agreed contracted price.


Please ensure that your containerized/Bag household waste are place at the curb by 5:00am on your scheduled Collection Days.
We are not permitted to enter your property.
Please ensure that you’re containerized / Bag waste is accessible on Tuesday and Friday.

Routing Schedule: San Souci

Eastern Boundary – San Souci/ Camperdown Intersect.
Western Boundary –  Foxhill Rd. East
Northern Boundary – Eastern Rd. / The Sea
Southern Boundary – Curtis Close. Opp. Foxhill Police Station.